10 proven ways to make money online

Making money has always been considered as something Herculian. In this era of modern technology where everything is just one click away, money making formula is also changing its shape and requirements.

Now, if you are having a smartphone and a normal internet connection, you are capable to start something online which can give you a steady source of income.

But is it really that simple to make money online?

People are often got stuck in day dreams projected by any random youtuber who proclaims about how simply he has made a handsome amount without even working too hard. Or some other guy who posts a fishy article on easiest ways of making money to lure audience and makes his own profit.

See, every time when we encounter these type if things, we become envy and start leafing internet to find the simple and most appropriate path to walk on, in pursuit of wealth but often times, there is nothing but a dead end which despairs our emotions and dreams as well.

So, is there really a way to wealth by using internet.

Actually Yes.

All the giant websites we encounter every day during our accustomed time, they all started with a single website or page, so it is possible indeed to make money online but there is surely no short cut to do so.

Internet is not a well of wishes which will immediately grants everything you can desire of, but it's a workspace just like the physical ones where you work in continuation and invest proper time and energy before achieving a milestone.

If you are passionate enough, welcome to this article which will describe 10 proven ways to make money online for absolute beginners.

10 Proven ways to make money online for absolute beginners

1. Making video content:-

making video content

Video contents are becoming more and more popular these days thanks to cheap and easily available internet.

If you like making videos of yours doing some acting or mimicry, internet is waiting for you. There are many platforms available for free which can be used to create this type of material.

Some famous video creating platforms are Youtube, Tiktok, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook, best to begin your journey.

2. Write whatever you want:-


Writing is another traditional but effective way to make money online. Writing is an absolute art and if you think you are good at it, make your hobby a passive source with the power of internet

You can start a blog on a topic you are interested in, or make posts on social media platforms.

Internet is always deficient of subtle and legitimate knowledge so if you are providing something worthy, there is nothing to stop you from being popular.

3. Sell your work online:-


Imagine you are good in making sketches or paintings but your passion is not fulfilling your economic needs.

What are you waiting for? Sell it online.

There are a wide range of artists creating and selling their work online whether it's instagram page or a personal dedicated website.

Not only painting, there number of other works in demand. Just google your query and see what are the options available to you.

4. Create a podcast:-


So you are gifted with a sweet and seductive voice. Is there any scope for you too?

Yes, podcasts are now a new source of information and entertainment. Platforms like Spotify or Gaana allows you to create podcasts and connect with your audiences.

People who are shy enough to reveal their faces on video, can opt this option instead because the only thing which is going public is your voice and this is not a big issue.

5. Work freelance:-

freelancing girl

Freelance working was in the trend for some years but after the pandemic, the work from home scenario has increased the importance of freelancing. Companies and the worker both share a win-win situation in freelancing so in upcoming days, this sector is going to hit the clouds.

There are various platforms like Freelancer or Fiverr which allow anybody to work remotely. You just have to choose which work you are willing to do.

6. Dropshipping:-


Dropshipping is basically a middle man type work where you set an e-commerce account on platforms like Shopify to sell items.

Not going in brief to demonstrate what dropshipping is, lets come to the point.

If you are good at marketing and have a rough knowledge of how sells on internet work, Dropshipping is a good option to try in order to make money online.

Paid accounts are better but free accounts are good enough to go and cherry on the cake is, you don't have to own a item until a customer makes a purchase.

7. Selling a page/account:-

selling a page

Suppose you own a page or any fan account because you love that actor/actress/event. There are a certain number of followers on that but how can it be financially profitable?

Use the power of internet to sell your page or advertise products and other accounts through it. This can get you a handsome amount once or small credits depending upon how you use it.

8. Solve a query:-


So you are not a righter or singer, nor you have any extra talent to show on internet. All you have is a good knowledge of physics or maths but this is not something enough to make cash. Right?


As they say, internet is craving for anything you have. It does not care if you are a nerd. If you have something to teach/show, people are always ready to pay you off.

Websites like Chegg provide you a platform where you can earn money by solving questions or numericals. It sounds a bit odd but one can earn enough amount to begin the journey of financial independency.

9. Shift your business online:-

working woman

Beginners are not only those who lack in age but also the one who doesn't know how the internet operates.

Offline businesses have a smaller circle of visitors and customers than online businesses so if you own a food stall or a small vegetable shop with which you are not satisfied, may be it's time to shift to online mode.

Zomato and Swiggy are the platforms where small restaurants and food stalls can shift their businesses to make it even more profitable.

10. Petty works like captcha or surveys:-

filling suveys

I don't think these works like captcha filling or doing surveys as a proven way to earn money but most of the people still consider these as a works so here we are.

Many websites pays you for taking part in surveys or filling captchas. Though the amount is very low but you can't expect a hundred dollar bill for filling a captcha. 

I don't suggest to work this because I consider it as a slavery on internet but you are free to try your hand on these stuff too.


These were the 10 most proven ways by which a beginner can start his/her online journey of financial freedom. Besides, a number of other ways are also out there but this is not a part of today's post.

Always remember that money making on internet is not a cup of coffee if you are someone wishing mangoes on palm. It requires constant motivation and dedication as well.

Share the article with your loved ones if you find it useful and help them starting their online journey along with you. 

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