Brief- best home workout plan without equipment

10 best at home workout plans without equipments
Every time we wish to give some time to ourselves more healthy and fit, almost all of us face some very common problems like lack of time or busy schedule etc.

Specially in those cases when you can't go outside to attend a gym, there must be a way to keep you in healthy and fit condition.

It's basic human tendency to make excuses when it's about health and diet.

But what if we just start some at home workouts which will not only save time but give you some other benefits at no cost.

Obviously you can't give yourself excuses like you are not in the mood to go out or you don't wanna waste your time today because of traffic jams or something like that.

Now a question arises that is it necessary to have those bulky equipments to keep our body in shape?

Not exactly !

Equipments are no doubt helpful in doing so but there is nothing as mandatory when you have a will.

In this article, we are going to discuss about 10 best at home workout plans which don't need equipments to make the best out of you but first, lets discuss some common questions.

Is home workout without equipment effective?

Definitely it is effective. Equipments only help you during workout but it is basically about the movements of your body.

Can you build muscle without weights?

You have to lift weight to build your muscles but at first, follow a proper and good workout plan as given later in this article to start with.

Is it going to be a beginner friendly workout?

Yes, It is. All of these exercises are strictly beginner friendly.

10 best at home workout plans without equipments

1. Butt Bridge:-

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Butt bridge helps you improve your glut and boosts your strength. You can do a set of three with 15 repetitions or less according to your strength.

How to - 

1. Lie on your back and lift your bottom off the ground.

2. Squeeze your core and then slowly come down.

2. Lunges:-

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Lunges are great for abdominal muscles as well as thighs.

You can do lunges with or without weight, according to your will. This helps reducing muscle pain and is a very good home workout.

How to-

1. Widen your legs according to the image given and bend your one knee to the ground.

2. Lift yourself up and do the same with other leg.

3. Repeat.

3. Plank:-

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Plank is a full body workout which impacts almost every area of your body.

It works great on your belly and helps you improve your workout stamina.

How to-

1. Lie down on your front and lift your body in a linear form as shown in image.

2. Breath normally and hold yourself until you feel your belly burning.

3. Take a rest.

4. Repeat

4. Push Ups:-

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Push ups are well known exercises which work on your forearms, chest and biceps. That's why it is included in all types of home and gym workout plans.

Doing ten push ups per day can be one third of your daily workout.

It can be done in weighted or in non weighted form. It is totally up to you. Do what suits you.

How to-

1. Lie down on the ground and hold yourself up using your arms as shown in the picture.

2. Pull yourself down but don't touch the ground while coming down.

3. Repeat it with 10 - 15 repetitions or more.

5. Chair Squat:-

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Squats can be done with or without help of an object like chair or desk.

They are powerful enough to knock you down after certain reps.

Squats are very beneficial for joints and belly muscles. They tighten your core and give your legs strength.

How to-

1. Stand on a plane surface with your shoulder wide apart.

2. If you are using a chair, hold it with your hands behind your back otherwise straight up your arms before you as shown in image.

3. Push yourself down and after a few seconds, get yourself up.

4. Repeat.

6. V Pose:-

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V pose is mainly for your belly and thighs but it affects your whole body.

Some of you may find this exercise a bit harder but there is no compulsion for you to bend with pain.

Go normally, and after certain days, you will automatically bend yourself more.

How to-

1. Lie down on your back with your legs straight and comfortable.

2. Lift your legs as well as your upper portion until you form a V shape.

3. Hold for some time and get back to normal.

4. Repeat.

7. Mountain Climber:-

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Mountain climber is a great exercise for warm up. In fact, you should do place at first position on your workout list.

It helps you stretch your body and quickly sets your muscles on fire.

How to-

1. Lift your self off the ground with your arms and legs.

2. Move one leg to your chest as shown in the image and then place it back. While doing so, simultaneously move your other leg as if you are climbing a mountain.

3. Do it fast for some time until you feel exhausted.

8. Bicycle Crunches:-

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Bicycle crunches are abs targeted so it is highly recommended exercise for tightening belly muscles and burning stomach fat.

A set of 3 with 10 repetitions is more than enough for beginners so you can lower the count of course.

How to-

1. Lie down on your back while bending your elbows and hands behind the head.

2. Crunch up and touch your right elbow with your left knee. Do the same with another knee and leg.

3. Repeat.

9. Side Leg Raises:-

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This may be seems easy exercise but it is helpful strengthening your back and hip muscles. Yes it is easy to do and that's why is a part of every beginner's at home workout plan.

If you work all day in one position, this exercise will definitely help you sit for a long time without having problems.

How to-

1. Lie on your one side and raise your one leg off the ground.

2. Take the first one down and repeat this process for a certain time.

3. Now change your side and do the same with other leg.

10. Jumping Jacks:-

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No doubt, Jumping jacks is a simple but very effective exercise.

It unfolds your body and make it ready for workout.

Jumping jacks can be used as a warm up exercise as well as to finish your daily workout.

How to-

1. Stand on the ground with legs wide apart and hands free.

2. Jump in the air while lifting your arms and then land softly on the ground.

3. Repeat.


These are some best at home workout plans need no equipment and can be a great start towards your physical makeover.

You don't have to be skilled to start, just start the hustle and see your body smiling.

For your ease, all exercises are given in short once again.

  • Butt bridge
  • Lunges
  • Plank
  • Push ups
  • Chair squats
  • V pose
  • Mountain climber
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Side leg raises
  • Jumping jacks

Hope this article will improve your daily dose of workout and strength. You can share this article with your loved ones to add value in their lives too.

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