Brief:- How to stop avast from blocking a program

how to stop avast from blocking a program

It is very annoying when our antivirus blocks something which is not malicious or harmful to our system.

Sometimes, antivirus like avast mistake to identify a program as virus and block it.

If you are facing the same problem with your antivirus then this post is absolutely for you.

Here are some working methods to unblock a program.

Add it to the exclusion list:-

exclude it

If your antivirus is blocking a website or program and you know that is completely safe then just put that url/program in the exclusion list.

Almost every antivirus program has an exclusion list in which programs or urls can be submitted manually. 

It is indeed the most basic method to solve the problem.

Temporarily turn off the antivirus:-

turn off

This is another method which can be used while facing a problem of false blocking.

You can temporarily turn off the antivirus to get rid off this problem. It won't harm your system as is it temporary so you can active it again automatically or manually according to your will.

It is in fact very simple to turn avast off.
  • Click on the avast icon to see the options available
  • Then go to Avast Shield Control
  • Now, Choose the time span you wish to disable it.
  • Ta Da. It's done.

Report it:-

report it

Sometimes it is better to report this problem to the technical team to get it solved.

If you need something but your antivirus is blocking it then just report it to the team.

They will analyse the problem and if they find it clean, they will declare it clean in the next update.


In this article, we discussed about how to stop avast from blocking a program.

There are three main methods to do so which are-

1. Add it to the exclusion list

2. Temporarily turn off the antivirus

3. Report it false positive

Hope you find this article helpful. Stay tuned for other amazing articles.

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