Brief- Top 10 best free antivirus 

When we hear the term "Antivirus", what we imagine is a robotic cockroach having sword and shield. Okay that was funny part but actually an antivirus is nothing but a program which is designed to protect your computer from other harmful programs such as Viruses or Worms.

There are certain brands which provides only paid version but there are some too which provide free versions as well. If you do not want to compromise with security and protection, simply go with a paid one but there are some antiviruses in the market which are totally free and give you a good protection against threats. Obviously you can purchase their paid version if you like, but it is totally up to you.

In this article we are going to discuss about top 10 best free antivirus softwares which are easily available on internet.

Top 10 Best Free Antivirus

  1. Avast
  2. AVG
  3. Avira
  4. Bitdefender
  5. Kaspersky cloud
  6. Malwarebytes
  7. Sophos
  8. Microsoft Defender
  9. Panda
  10. Others Options

1. Avast:-

This antivirus comes with a clean interface and moderate in terms of size. Available for Macintosh and Windows, this antivirus is the best free antivirus I have ever used. Though it has some features which are available only for premium users but still in terms of safety, it won't let you down.
The important thing which I personally like the most is it's performance. You can own a healthy pc without spending a penny.

2. AVG:-

It is the 2nd most liked free antivirus. AVG comes with great virus defence and other features such as firewall protection. In terms of interface it is clean and smooth. You can unlock some premium features with a pro version but if you don't want to upgrade, the free version of AVG is great.

3. Avira:-

Avira antivirus is one of the most liked name in the antivirus world. It is launching it's products since 1986. It has the best malware engine. in terms of features, it is powerful enough to protect your pc from unwanted browser add ons and other internet threats.

4. Bitdefender:-

The simple yet powerful antivirus, I have ever used on my windows pc. Bitdefender comes with core  features but with a light weight engine which runs quietly in background. Free version may be short on features but it's premium version is a complete package.

5. Kaspersky Cloud:-

Kaspersky is another well known player. it has a very notable anti malware engine which gives you high level security against internet threats.
The premium version has absolutely richer features but free version of Kaspersky is also good enough to go.

6. Malwarebytes:-

Malwarebytes is not actually a full fledged anti virus but a typical anti malware software. If you have another antivirus for other purposes, Malwarebytes ensures your internet security. This is very light weighted yet powerful anti-malware program which runs smoothly in your PC.

7. Sophos:-

Sophos is a different kind of program with which you can remotely manage up to 3 devices from one Central monitoring app. Its remote administration program is great for parents or guardians. You can give Sophos a try because of it's unique approach.

8. Microsoft Defender:-

Microsoft defender is a pre loaded windows antivirus program which is quite better than many antivirus programs available in the market. After windows 10, this antivirus works much smoothly and gives you way more security than it's previous versions. As it is pre loaded, you don't have to worry about installation and terms and conditions.

9. Panda:-

Panda antivirus program offers you a real time scanning and protection even with the free version. It has an attractive design and interface. We have placed it on the ninth position because is doesn't give you the features that other antivirus offers in free.

10. Other Options:-

You can use many paid antivirus programs for free with various methods such as Promo plan or with student mail account. Many Antiviruses like Avast, Mcafee or AVG offer promo plans up to six months just by adding a valid payment methods so you can try this option either.


This was the list of top 10 best free antivirus programmes which you can use in 2021. We hope you liked our article, as it contains a brief overview about what should you choose and why? These softwares are generally free but paid versions are also available with a minimal cost.
We'll meet with another Gossip in our next article.

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