Brief:- Windows 10 random reboots and freeze solutions

Windows 10 users often complain about random reboots and freezes. Windows is no doubt most used operating system for PCs and its latest version i.e. Windows 10 is way more powerful and attractive than its previous versions.
 But sometimes it is very irritating when you are just about to finish an important task and suddenly it's freezed.

  Some other times, it reboots or restarts automatically which is definitely not acceptable when you pay enough for hardware as well as OS.

 So what could you do to avoid these random freeze and reboots on your windows 10 to get a seamless and uninterrupted experience. 
Here are some solutions to get rid of random windows 10 restarts and freezes.

Windows 10 Random reboots and their solutions

1. Update Your BIOS:-


Updating your BIOS can be the most simple solution for your windows 10 to work perfectly. Sometime due to old BIOS, the operating system finds difficulties to operate so it tries to solve the problem by restarting on its own.
 But be careful before updating BIOS because an improper update could cause severe damage to your system.

2. Automatic Driver Updates Could Be The Problem:-


By default, windows sets the automatic driver updates for user's ease but it can be the problem of random restarts or reboots. 
Generally after an update, restart is required so if your driver updates are set to automatic then set them to manual to solve the issue.

3. Set The Power Plan At High Performance:-


At low 
performance power plans, system does not get enough juice to operate. This sometimes can be the cause for random reboots in your windows 10.
 Setting the power plant at high performance may solve your problem of random reboots and freezes so set it at high and check whether the problem is solved?

4. Caution! Overheating:-


Overheating is the mother of all problems. Check regularly your machine for overheating issues because operating system automatically shut itself down if the overheating occurs to save the soft electric components such as processor and storage from damage.
 If overheating is your problem, clean your machine to solve it.

5. Check Antivirus For Errors:-


Sometimes antivirus may be the source of your problems. Check your antivirus for errors because in many cases antivirus forces the system to shutdown.
 So if your antivirus is the problem, update or remove it to get rid of random reboots and freeze in your windows 10.

6. Is Your Hardware All Right? :-


Maybe the software is not your matter to concern. Faulty or broken hardware can also be the problem because if hardware is not accurate the operating system may act really weirdly and you face these type of problems.

7. Sleep Sleep Sleep:-


Sleep is not only important for living being but for machines also. If your machine's sleep settings are not up to right then your operating system forces the machine to restart. 
 To resolve these problems, go to the setting and check your sleep settings.

8. Restart, The Ultimate Solution:-


Restarting the machine is the most accurate and simple method to solve almost all type of problems in your windows 10. People usually do not restart their computers for a very long period of time. This can affect your system's performance as well as it could damage the operating system.
 It is advised by professionals that you must restart your machine at least twice in a week to get a smoother and better performance.
Just by restarting your windows 10 could solve all type of issues permanently so better to make it a habit.


These are some easy methods to save your time and money. 
 In this article, we discussed about windows 10 random reboots and freeze problems and theirs easy solutions. Hope you find this article helpful.
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