If you are here then certainly you are curious to know about this amazing operating system: Linux, and this article will give you a brief detail on best 10 sites to start Linux tutorials from scratch. 

Linux is not just an operating system but you can consider it as the base of many other operating systems like Andriod or Tiny Os which use the Linux kernal to operate. Where Windows and Macintosh are mostly single user - multi tasking Os, Linux is purely multi user - multi tasking operating system. 

The most amazing thing about this Os, is its free source code which makes it way more powerful than Windows or Mac. It is fun to learn and use Linux Os and programming but as a beginner, you need some good resources to start with. So as discussed earlier, here are 10 best sites to start Linux tutorials from scratch.
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Linux Tutorials: Best 10 sites to start from scratch

1. Compute Freely:-

This is totally made for linux lovers. You can learn almost every linux flavor from basics to advanced. As it is completely free to use, this can be a great website to start.

2. Linux Newbie Guide:-

Another great site to start. It is beautifully divided into many categories so you can opt as per your interest. The plain and simple environment is quite impressive also.

3. Make Use Of:-

This website is not totally devoted for linux programming but yet very impressive and powerful resource to start with. The beautiful finish and organised courses make it one of the most loved website to learn linux from scratch.

4. Geek University:-

Geek university briefly gives you an overview to linux and the shell programming. From the catalogue section, you can choose the your favourite part to start with.

5. Tutorialspoint:-

Tutorialspoint is not just good to learn linux but it also very good site to learn other languages like java or python too. It has the systematic and user friendly interface which you would definitely love while reading.

6. Guru99:-

Just like Tutorialspoint, Guru99 is also the very good site to start learning linux from scratch. It is beginner friendly and colorful website which could be a great resource for your journey.

7. Khan Academy:-

This is a well known website, purely devoted to spread knowledge across the world. It has a vary good material on linux learning which you can use to boost up your knowledge 

8. Javatpoint:-

Javatpoint is not only for java lovers but it has a vary rich materiel for other programming languages too. You can learn c++, java, python and linux for absolutely free.

9. Linux.com:-

Complete package for linux lover from scratch to advance. As it is clear from it's name, this website has everything that you will need throughout your linux journey. As a beginner, you should check it once at least.

10. Hackerrank:-

Learning the notes is not sufficient for a programming language or technology until you practice it. This website is designed for developers to practice and improve their coding skills. It has multiple courses and lectures as if you stuck in any problem, these tutorials will help you out.


This was our article on best 10 websites to learn Linux tutorials from scratch. They all are beginner friendly and almost free. Hope you enjoyed our article. We'll meet again with another Top10gossip.


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