Valentine's day is here. The sky is getting pinkish and hearts are more enthusiastic than ever. For some couples, this valentine's day is like a refreshing moment to energize their lethargic relationship and for others, it's just a golden ticket for the chocolate factory

Those who'll celebrate their first valentine's day are super excited and it's obvious also. We all desire to do something so unique and romantic that our mate would praise us. So now what to do on this valentine's day to make it memorable? This is still a Herculean question for most of us. You can try same cliched things to impress your special one but that's quite boring. Essss! 

Don't worry. There are many unique but romantic things that worth a try on this valentine's day. You may find some of these things absurd but believe me, they are extremely romantic. For your convenience, here is list of top 10 weird but romantic things to do on this valentine's day.

10 Weird But Romantic Things To Do On Valentine's Day

1. Making dinner for each other:-

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A romantic dinner is the most important thing of valentine's day to do but it is somehow cliched too. What about making dinner for each other on this valentine's day ? This is a totally unique yet romantic way to express your love and affection towards each other. You don't have to be perfect in cooking but a simple dish will be amazing with your love.

2. Sing for each other at Karaoke:-

You are not good at singing but it wouldn't affect your image in front of your partner if you sing for him/her at karaoke. The idea seems weird but trust me it is way better than the old school valentine's day ideas. Singing for each other shows affection and attachment. Not to mention, but it also gives you the cinematic vibes and your bae would definitely love this idea.

3. Spend a night under stars:-

Nature is itself very beautiful so this valentine's day, show your partner a natural and classical shade of love. Spend a night under stars with fire and food. It's a well known idea but still it is super romantic and you should definitely give it a try. It is indeed a very good way to express your feelings on this valentine's day. 

4. Join a Yoga session together:-

Everybody wants a good shape and fit belly. Right? This valentine's day, give this idea a shape. Yoga will not only reduce your mental pressure but it will also help you strengthen your bond. Doing some physical work together seems to be boring but it is very romantic to spend some time together in a productive way.

5. Volunteer for some social work:-

Not all girls want shopping and not all boys want action. This valentine's day, plan to volunteer for some time for any social work. You can work along with some NGOs or solely, it's totally up to you. Volunteering makes you feel happy and this feeling gets doubled when you work with your partner. It is another weird but romantic way to celebrate this valentine's day.

6. Plan a movie marathon:-

Watching movies is an all time favorite date plan but this valentine's day, give it a special touch by planning a movie marathon together. Not only some romantic movies but any movie series that you both like would be perfect for your movie marathon. You can try Harry Potter or Twilight series  if you like. So grab some snacks and go for it. It is weird to spend time like this but it is very romantic thing to do on this valentine's day.

7. Dreaming about your future:-

This idea seems crazy like who will want to spend time planning future on valentine's day but if you want some uniqueness in your schedule, this idea worth a try. Planning future together shows that you are not only romantic but also sincere enough for your carrier. This will definitely increase your value in your partner's eyes. So planning future together seems weird but actually it is a romantic idea to spend time together. 

8. Show some moves:-

We love dancing. It is joyful as well as exciting to dance while holding hands together. This valentine's day, try a dance session together. It will take some physical power of you but sweating together increase affection and develops a feeling of attachment. Like singing, dancing together is also a fantasy for many people so if you choose this option, may be this will be your best valentine's day.

9. Take a bath together:-

Hot tub, scented candles and two warm bodies together. Nothing on the earth is more romantic than this. Taking bath together is super romantic way to share your expressions and spend some quality time. This valentine's day try a bath with your partner. You can also modify this idea by watching a movie or having snacks in tub. This idea is not so unique but definitely it will be a jaw dropping moment for both of you. 

10. Read a book together:-

Whether you are a book lover or not, you can't ignore the impact of literature over love. Read a book of both of your interest on this valentine's day. It is a heavenly feeling when you read a book while your partner's head staying on your shoulder. You may call this idea weird but there is no match for this idea. This year make him/her feel more precious than ever by a tight hug and quoting a romantic line in his/her ear.


This was a list of top 10 weird but romantic ideas to try on this valentine's day. Hope you find this article relatable and helpful. You may find some of these ideas crazy but they are extremely romantic and helpful to tighten your bond as well. We'll meet again with another top 10 gossip.

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