If you are a dog owner or just a dog lover, you would have certainly encountered some strange habits of your canine companion. They literally do some stupid things sometimes. Right? But wait a minute, these habits like eating grass or poop are actually strange for just you only, not for your dog. So then what is the reason behind all these silly actions. Should I let my dog eat grass? Well, this article is all about your questions like, "why do dogs eat grass or why do dogs eat poop" and their answers as well. Here we go. 🐶

Why Do Dogs: Top 10 Questions And Answers

1. Why do dogs eat grass?

dogs eating grass

It is a fact that almost 90% of the dogs eat grass on occasion but this is not something to worry. 
Although they are omnivores but they don't eat grass for their food. Some of the dog owners and dog expert give a simple explanation about this which is "they eat grass to induce vomiting or it can be just an indication of insufficient minerals or vitamins in this diet." So next time if you see your dog eating grass don't worry it's quite normal.
  OK, then why does my dog eat grass before he poops?

2. Why do dogs eat poop?

dog eating poop

Apart from human being dogs are closer to the nature. While we can't know our requirements of nutritions, they simply have some kind of sixth sense about it. Eating poop is very normal behaviour of dogs as this practice shows deficiency of some vitamins or minerals in their body and by eating poop they just try to maintain the balance on their own.

3. Why do dogs lick their paws?

dog licking paws

There are several reasons which can be given for this behaviour of dogs. Licking their paws can be a symbol of skin problem, environmental issue, parasitic or food allergies. Sometimes dogs lick their paws because of anxiety or boredom. So next time you see your dog licking paws, give him a gentle bath. This may solve the problem.

4. Why do dogs howl?

dog howling

We all are familiar with that high pitched sounds like sirens of our beloved pet. Have you ever thought what is the reason behind it? Many people think that dogs howl when they feel some negative energy like ghost but science doesn't think so. Howling acknowledges that your dog heard a sound of another dog and it is his response or desire to join that call or action. Don't worry. There is no ghost around you.

5. Why do dogs lick people?

dog licking people

Most of us think that every time their dog licks a person, it is just a symbol of affection and love but expert have a different opinion about that. According to them, this behaviour could be because of a variety of reasons like affection, taste, communication or attention. Sometimes this also means that your canon friend have some medical conditions and simply seeking your concern.
 Alright. Then why does my dog follow me not my husband?
 Well, this is your personal problem sweetie. We can't do anything about it.😃

6. Why do dogs sleep so much?

dogs sleeping

Really? he is sleeping again.
  Sometimes we think that why our dog sleeps too much, specially when he is very young? Is it safe for him or there is something wrong with him?
According to experts, just like babies, puppies also require a reasonable amount of sleep for their development. They might need 18 to 20 hours of sleep per day for better growth and functioning. Older dogs also need some extra sleep because they get tired more easily. So this is not big deal. Let him sleep happily.

7. Why do dogs pant?

dog panting

Panting is very common for dogs specially when they are hot, excited or energetic. But be careful because if your dog is panting heavily, this can be a sign of a chronic health problem or trauma or simply overheating. So panting is normal but heavy panting might be a reason of your concern.

8. Why do dogs tilt their heads?

dog tilting head

Tilting head is quite cute, Awww but there is a reason behind it. Dogs actually tilt their heads to broaden their range of vision. It allows your canine friend to more clearly see your face. This helps them to understand your expressions more clearly so that they can take actions accordingly.

9. Why do dogs have whiskers?

dog's whiskers

Dogs have a far better sense of smell than us. Whiskers are their necessary equipment for this action. Whiskers help them in their daily routine and actions. These very special hairs aid vision and help them in nevigation. 
  O God, I thought they are just for fashion. LOL

10. Why do dogs chase their tails?

dog chasing tail

Dogs chase their tail very often but is it something wrong? Is my dog going crazy? No, your dog is quite normal. This might be lead by boredom or when he is not getting enough mental or physical stimulation. Tail chasing offers them a way to entertain themselves in a very funny way. And definitely it looks cute too.


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