OK, So actually this question comes in every mind at least once in whole life but what's its actual answer?

Certainly, there are many things in the world which can cost you billions but yet they are not worthy for this tag. This article is all about what is the most expensive thing in the world so why are we talking in this spiritual manner. There is always a reason behind anything so is here. This article will give you a detailed overview of this answer as it contains not only materialistic things but more than that so enjoy the article.

most expensive thing in the world

1963 Ferrari 250 GTO:-

1963 ferrari 250 gto

This vintage Italian car was sold at the price of $70 Million. The auction chairman James Knight said, "This Ferrari 250 GTO is like the Van Gogh's Sunflower in the motoring market." An amazing thing about this car is that there are total 39 cars in this world.

Antilia: Mukesh Ambani's House:-


Buckingham Palace is royal with no doubt but it worth $1.55 Billion which is still lesser than an Indian Villa. Yes, it's right. Antilia, the house of the richest man of India has this crown of most expensive home in the world having a total worth of $2 Billion. It has 27 earthquake-proof floors and is named after a mythical island.

Wittelsbach-Graaf Diamond:-


This is a deep blue colored diamond found in India which was first owned by Spains's King Philip iv. In year 2008, Christie's London auctioned it for $72 Million to Graff's Diamond's Lawrence Graff.

Leonardo da vinci's Salvator Mundi:-

salvator Mundi

It is the most expensive painting in the world which is made by the great painter Leonardo da vinci. He painted my famous as well as expensive paintings like The last supper and Mona Lisa. In year 2017, the prince of Saudi bought this painting for a sum of 450 million dollars.

Bluefin Tuna:-


Tuna is considered as a rare specie as it is vary popular among sea food lovers but does it make a single fish worth more than $3 million?
yup, it is true. Kiyoshi Kimura, a sushi hotel owner bought a single bluefin tuna for $3.1 million.

Manhattan Parking Spot:-


A parking slot is in the list?
Well it is correct. Manhattan parking slot is a symbol of luxury in NY. A boutique named Manhattan Condo sold three spaces for around $1 million



Yup, you read it correctly. This is the most expensive thing in the world. We told earlier that this is not an ordinary article. Most people think that it should be a materialistic thing but nope.
This is ultimate winner of this list because you can not regain if lost once. There is no other thing in this world for which you could replace it. There is a phrase in English literature that if character is lost, everything is lost but nobody tells us about this. Once it gone, you can never find it again. So be very careful about this most expensive thing because although it is not a materialistic thing but it costs more than a Billion or Trillion.


This was not a regular article but we hope that you have enjoyed this article of most expensive thing in the world. We are growing rapidly with your love and support and are very thankful. We'll meet soon with another Top 10 Gossip.

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