$225,000.00 Can you spend this much amount on a coin. Shocked! right. Sometimes, I am asked to write on Top 10 most expensive things on Amazon so I did some research and literally I's amazed by the results. This article is all about the question "What's the most expensive things on amazon" but for a better understanding I am putting this in sub category of Collectible Currencies. Now, enjoy the article.

    Top 10 Most Expensive Things On Amazon ~ Collectible Currencies

10. 1000 IT Caligula 3 Sisters Sestertius Drusilla Agrippina Coin Ch vf Ngc:-

This is Roman coin which has an ancient history related to it. According to historians, Caligula may have had an incestuous relationship with his sisters. This coin costs $16000.00 and holds 10th place in our list.

9.68 IT Galba 68AD Sestertius NGC Certified XF rare Authe Coin:- 

This is rare ancient Roman sestretius minted under the newly appointed sixth Emperor of Rome, Emperor Galba. This coin costs around $17000.00 and secures 9th position in our list of most expensive things on amazon~Collectible Coins.

8.460 GR Mende in Macedonia Rare 460BC Ancient AR Greek Coin:-

The coin consist of the picture of the god Dionysus, the Greek God of wine and revelry. Mande was a city of Greece which was famous for wine production. On this coin the god, Dionysus is shown on the back of an ass holding a wine cup. The coin costs around $18000.00

7.2021 SB Mother of Pearl Power Coin PIONEERS OF AVIATION 5 OZ Gold Coin:-

This 5 OZ coin is the part of the "mother of pearl" series and is dedicated to Wright brothers that made the first controlled air craft. It consist of a picture of Wright brothers along with their glider. The price of this coin is about $19,669.95 on Amazon.

6. 2020 NU Modern Commemorative Power coin REDBACK SPIDER Colored 150th anniversary Oz Gold Coin:- 

This stunning gold coin is dedicated to one of the most dangerous insects of all over the world-The Redback Spider and celebrates the 150th anniversary of its naming. The coin comes with an stunning case with the certificate of authenticity. The coin costs $21,074.00 and secures the 6th position in our most expensive things on Amazon list.

5. 2020 PW Tiffany Art Power Coin Isfahan 5 OZ Gold Coin:-

This wonderful 5 Oz gold coin is part of Tiffany art series and is dedicated to amazing Iranian architecture in the addition of the Inam square. The coin highlights the architectural wonder of Naghsh e Jahan square in Isfahan, Iraq also known as Inam square. The artful Tiffany style glass is beautifully integrated in the coin. The coin costs around $28099.95

4. 1895 P Liberty Head Two and a half dollar Coin:-

This is a American currency coin which consist n image of a lady facing leftward which represents America's promise of freedom. The coin was made in 1895 and has a value of two and half dollar. This coin costs about $32995.00 .

3. 1000 IT Ancient Jewish War V Romans AR Year 4 Shekel Coin:-

This is a 4 shekel coin reflecting the deteriorating military and political situation of the the Juden rebels. The coin shows the victory of Romans over the Jewish people on coinage known as "Julia capta" with several variants, most widespread one being a mourning Jewish women under a military trophy. The coin costs about $55198.00

2. 1876 P Liberty Head Two and a Half dollar Coin:- 

This is another Liberty head coin having a value of 2 and half dollar which was made in 1876. As we discussed earlier, the lady on this coin represents the promice of freedom of America. The coin worths $69995.00 and stands on the second position of our list of most expensive collectible currencies on Amazon.

1. 1802 P Liberty Cap Head Facing Right Two And A Half Dollar Coin:-

Last but not least, the king of this list is another Liberty cap coin having a value of two and a half dollar which was made in 1802. This is a very rare coin and it is the most expensive coin on Amazon. This coin costs $225,000.00. You mast check ok funny comments and reviews in the review section of Amazon and I bet that they are very funny.


So, this was our list of  Top 10 Most Expensive Things On Amazon. Hope you enjoyed the article. I've tried to give answers about What's most expensive thing on amazon. Please share and help us grow. We'll meet soon with another Top 10 Gossip.

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