Can you find something that costs less than one dollar at Amazon? Ooh, It is actually true. In this article we are going to tell you about top 10 cheapest things you could find on Amazon. Some of them are very useful for daily purposes so lets have a look on the list of top 10 cheapest things to buy online on Amazon.

Top 10 Cheapest Thing On Amazon 

10. Wet and wild large eyeshadow brush:-

Last place in our list of cheapest thing on amazon goes to a brush. This is a very soft, flat and slightly stiff  brush which has a rounded head made of pony hair. It can be used to add precise definition around the eyes as well as to apply powder eye shadow as an eyeliner.

Cost- $0.99

9. Plackers micro mint dental floss picks with travel case, 12 count:-

They are 12 count plackers micro mint with travel case. The description of this product says that they are engineered not to shred, break or even stretch by utilising the world's strongest dental floss. They are great for home and travel purposes.

Cost- $0.99

8. Gold bond original medicated body powder:-

This is a medicated body powder which you can use after a bath, shower or exercise for cool refreshing deodorant protection. The Powder helps you relieving minor cuts, scraps, burns or skin irritations.

Cost- $0.97

7. Canine carry out dog treats:-

This item is especially for your canine friend. It is perfectly sized dog treats for taking on the go with delicious Aroma and chewy texture that any dog would love. It comes up with many flavours like beef flavour, bacon flavour or chicken flavour.

Cost- $0.80

6. Wet and wild silk finish lip stick:-

This is another item from wet and wild. It is actually a lipstick which has silk finish containing vitamin A, E and aloe vera. It delivers long-lasting bold colour so you can create the perfect pout. Use it alone or layer with outline and lip gloss.

Cost- $0.78

5. Sharpie permanent markers, fine point, black:-

This is a set of two permanent markers having fine Black point. You can smoothly use them on paper plastic metal and most of the surfaces they give brilliant colour and vibrant impressions. They are remarkably water as well as fading resistant.

Cost- $0.70

4. Swedish fish soft and chewy candy, 3.1 oz box:-

This is achieving candy with berry flavour. It consists of sugar, invert sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavour etc. They gives the classic flavour in delicious soft chewy candy pieces and of course this is absolutely fat free candy. This candy thus takes 4th position in our list of cheapest thing you can buy on amazon.

Cost- $0.47

3. Monoprice 18 inch SATA 6Gbps cable:-

This is monoprice sata 6gbps cable which is certified to provide maximum speeds from your sata system. It is basically a straight connector with an attached locking latch to ensure that the connection do not come loose due to movement or vibration.

Cost- $0.10

2. Kikkerland classic survival tool, Pocket:-

This is a survival tool with pouch having 11 multiple functions in just one piece. it includes can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, 4 position wrench and butterfly screw wrench along with saw blades and key chain. This item is on second position in our list of  Top 10 cheapest thing ever.

Cost- $0.01

1. Simple mobile kee your own phone 3 IN 1, Prepaid SIM kit:-

The top member of this list is 3 in one prepaid SIM kit. It includes prepaid universal sim card used to activate unlocked, GSM compatible phones. You just have to simply insert the sim card in your device and follow the directions on your phone. Once you activate and choose a plan, you can get various offers for data and calling.

Cost- $0.01

Ohh, I am rich man. Show me most expensive things on amazon.😆

Sure thing. Try this


So this was our list of  Top 10 cheapest things to buy online on Amazon. In this article, we tried to answer the question that we recently faced " What's the cheapest thing on amazon? " Hope you enjoyed the article. We'll meet soon with another Top 10 Gossip.

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