Recently I saw some questions on animes like Top 10 animes where girl is too innocent or Top 10 animes where girl hates then loves the guys" over the internet. Seriously ? Who is curious to know this? I realize that at least people should have the knowledge of some best animes of all time so that they could have some better questions. LOL. But some of you might not know-

What is anime?  Anime is actually Japanese term for animation. You can consider animes as cartoons with a slight difference. Animes have more graphical characteristics and real life characters but cartoons are mainly made for humorous purposes. Never call it cartoon in front of an anime lover without a proper health insurance. 

Anyway this article is all about Top 10 animes of all time so Otakus (anime lovers) scroll down and have fun.


Top 10 Animes Of All Time

10. Hunter X Hunter:-

hunter x hunter

This is an anime series which contains 148 total episodes and it was created by the madhouse studio. Each episode of this anime is about 23 minutes long. It contains action, adventure, supernatural powers and fantasies. The series was a major hit in the world of Anime and is easily accessible over the internet. Any anime lover who seeks action, thriller and fantasy in one pack must check it out.

9. Yu Yu Hakusho:-

yu yu hakusho

This anime was one of the most popular anime during the 1990. It is heavily packed with action. Its theme is quite fantastic but sometimes people find it a bit dark. At some places the story contains some comedy scenes but not frequently. If you are classic anime lover then you can certainly go for this old art style anime. This anime holds 9th place in our list of top 10 animes of all time.

8. Death Note:-

death note

This is one of the best psychological thriller anime of all time. It can easily blow your mind with its up down way of presentation and absolutely unique theme. It is a story of intelligent High school topper Light Yagami who plays God with the death note and the investigator L who is pretty clever. The Anime is an intriguing as a game of chase, suspense intelligence thrill. Personally, I find it very addictive and you can not leave it easily. There are total 37 episodes and almost all of them are of 20 minutes length. If you are new in the anime world, you should start with this one.

7. Code Geass:-

code geass

It is simply a beautifully created anime which is tightly packed with action. The anime was first aired from October 2006 to July 2007. The story revolves around an alternative timeline in which the world is divided into three main superpowers: The Britannian Empire, The Chinese federation and The European Union. The story contains several twists and turn which will never let you leave the stream. For all anime lovers it is certainly a must watch show and holds 5th place in our list of top 10 animes of all time.

6. Gintama:-


Gintama can be considered as the greatest comedy anime of all time. It has a unique feature to turn the ordinary into something completely different but amazing. The story is about the characters Gintoki who is a samurai. It is the anime to watch once because it teaches you how to smile and laugh. It simply helps you moving forward and to look the world in a New bright way. Some peopel say that is one of the animes where main character is overpowered.

5. Bleach:-


It is the one of the lengthiest anime containing 366 episodes. This is a beautiful anime series having adventure and thrill. The series is so addictive that you will watch one episode after another without any break. It's story is about a guy named Kurusaki  Ichigo who is the high school student and can see ghosts. He receives this amazing power after meeting an accident. The story and theme is beautifully created and you never feel distortion.

4. Attack on the titan:-

attack on titan

Attack on the Titan is simply amazing. It was originally released in 2009 and was voted the best action anime. It's one of the rarest material which catch the eyes from the very beginning because of its amazing twist and turns. Sometimes people find it dark but if you don't have any problem with it, just go for it. The story represents humanity standing on the age of extinction for being attacked by the Titans.

3. One Piece:-

one piece

This is an amazing adventures anime which has many heartbreaking moments and some exciting fight scenes. The anime was first aired in 1999 and since then almost 900 episodes have been broadcasted. The story is about a 17 years old boy Monkey D. Luffy who is a good natured and brave pirate and is in search of the great mysterious treasure which is called one piece. The story tells us about his adventures and teaches us to focus on our goal at any cost.

2. Naruto:-


Naruto is the one of the best anime with the Ninja theme. It contains two titles; Naruto which was aired in 2002-2007 and Naruto Shippuden which was aired in 2007-2017. Its first part is about the adolescence of the boy and the second part contains the story when he is a teenager. The plot revolves around the fictional world of ninjas, battles using chakra energy, friends, families, betrayals and love. People sometimes consider it as the best anime of all time and certainly it deserves the title and secures 2nd place in our list of top 10 animes of all time.

1. Dragon Ball:-

dragon ball

Last but not the least, this is our king of this list of top 10 animes of all time. It is simply a lit. It is considered as the most famous anime series in the world. It was first aired in 1984 and soon became a solid hit. The story revolves around a guy named Goku who goes on adventures to find the dragon balls. He wish to become a great fighter so competes in several tournaments. In his journey, he fights with evil red ribbon army and others to protect the world. This anime is for all type of people no matter what you seek.


So, this was our list of top 10 animes of all time where I tried to answer the many questions. Hope you enjoyed the article. If so, Please share and help us to grow. We'll meet again with another Top 10 Gossip.

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