Want to know about the working methods to get paid andriod apps for free? Come on, here is a list of top 10 methods to get them for free. The list includes some methods which are not legal or suitable for every community but they will definitely work to find best editing apps or best andriod games for free. Those methods are for educational purposes only and we do not encourage them. Enough disclaimers for now. Enjoy the article.

Top 10 Methods to Get Paid Andriod App for Free

1. Using limited trial apps:- 

There are many apps available at the play store which are free for limited time period. You can use them by adding just some details enjoy paid version of the app. This is a very simple and safe way to get that app. If you feel that this method is not going to work for a long span of time just check out other ones. 

2. Switching email addresses:-

Sometimes Play Store allows you to use a particular app in paid version for multiple times just by switching the email address provided so next time when the trial period is over, try to switch the mail. Maybe you are lucky enough to get another trial period.

3.Switching your mobile numbers:- 

Nowadays smartphones are capable for one physical sim slot only so the application providing companies use your mobile number to activate the app for a limited trial period. If the previous method of changing email is not working for a particular app you can try to switch phone number provided for registration. In most of the cases, switching the phone number for getting another trial period works flawlessly.

4.Using moded/cracked apps:-

Modded and cracked apps of popular Android apps are vary easy to download and install. You just have to give some permissions and the remaining process is piece of cake but we will not recommend to use this method to get the paid apps for free. Sometimes hackers use these apps to get the information about the victim or to create bot army. If you are courageous enough to get over the risk, you can easily use modded apps to get the facilities.

5.Using web versions of apps:-

If you use some Photoshop or editing tools repeatedly and want the paid version of the apps for free then this is the method you were waiting for. There are many websites on the internet that provide these kind of facilities for free. You can use these editing tools like PDF creator, PDF editor, photo size reducer, extension changer etc without even installing the app.Sometimes they ask you to to create an account but this is not a big deal.

6. Switching your IP:-

If you use these websites multiple times a day, there is a possibility that they can restrict your IP address for a span of time. Sometimes the restriction is for short periods like 10 minutes but sometimes it is big enough to upset your mood. In this situation you can use the website again without wasting any time by just switching your IP with any VPN you can use of. If there is still and problem just clean your cache and retry.

7. Using promo codes:-

Promo codes are another example of getting paid app for free. On certain occasions like black friday sale or on New year, companies give some promo codes away. You can use this promo codes to get the official paid version of the app for no cost. There are certain websites over the internet which provides these promo codes for free. You can check them and apply in your application to get the reward.

8. Using student email id:-

Many popular apps like Microsoft office or AutoCAD which are free for students and teachers you can use these apps without paying a penny by registering with student  email id. A student email ID is a type of email address having .edu extension. Almost every University and college provide these emails for its students and teachers. These emails are very useful for getting these type of benefits. If you have the student email address just go and grab the opportunity.

9. Using browser extensions:-

There are many apps and softwares which are available in browser extensions too. They are paid in their regular versions but you can use them for free by installing Chrome or Firefox extension in your browser. This is a simple and effective method to get the paid version for free.

10. Using alternate but trusted version:-

Last but not least this is another powerful method to get the full flashed version of update app for free. There are some minute risk using this type of apps but you can ignore it and enjoy the premium features there are some apps like YouTube Vanced which provide the premium features of an app for free. You just have to install the engine and the app to get the benefits. Although they are not on Play Store but they are trusted enough to use. They are created by some non profit groups which rely on appreciation and donations. 


We hope that you got what you were searching for this was a list top 10 methods to get the paid Android apps for free if you enjoyed the article please share and let us know how you feel about it. your one small step boosts us up. We'll meet certainly with another top 10 gossip.

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