We often watch many TV shows of different genres and most of them have some kind of theme song. Have you ever found that the theme song has stuck in your head. Sounds familiar right? Ok Aliens, In this article we are discussing about top 10 best theme songs for tv shows that we all love.

Best Theme Songs For TV Shows

10. Dark:- 

The title song of dark is "goodbye" which is created by the German electronic artist Apparent as solo project of Sasha Ring. It was originally came out on the album " The devil's walk" and then it was used as the theme song for Dark and been featured in a bunch of films and commercials.

9. Breaking Bad:- 

It has no theme song but yes it has a unique theme tone. Every time when you play a new episode of breaking bad theme tone comes up with the intro part. It was created by Dave porter in year 2010.

8.Sacred Games:-

The show itself was a massive hit for Netflix India. The show consist of total 24 tracks including its famous soundtrack "kaam 25". This song was written and sung by rapper Divine and music was given by the producer Phenom. According to FirstPost, this song is a hard hitting Mumbai anthem inspired by the streets.

7. Mirzapur:- 

This Amazon prime original show was a hard-hit in the history of Indian web shows. The theme song of this show was inspired by the local folk songs of eastern Uttar Pradesh. The tone is simply awesome and you can feel the Vibe of the adventure.

6. The office:- 

Theme song of this show is one of the most loved songs of all time. The song was composed by James Ferguson who is famous composer. An interesting fact about this theme song is that this was recorded one week before the show premiered on the television.

5. Game of thrones:- 

There is no doubt that this is a very amazing theme song. The music for the show is composed by Ramin Djawadi. The intersection takes you to a journey of the places and locations. The song although plays in background but it's very attractive and sticky tone which stays in your mind once and for all.

4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S :- 

Do you remember that loving " I'll be there for you " song at the friends opening. It is basically a rock song which was created by the Rembrandts in year 1995. The song is so popular that anyone weather friend's fan or not can't forget the song. It was nominated for Grammy award for best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals.

3. Peaky Blinders:- 

Opening song of Peaky Blinders is red right hand which is created by Nick cave and the bad seeds for the album let Love in year 1994. Whenever this song is played as intro or background, we feel the power of Thomas Shelby. The line "red right hand" in a loud voice with the ringing Bell literally gives goosebumps to the listeners.

2. Sherlock:- 

A superb show with fabulous acting and beautiful music. Theme song of Sherlock is " the game is on " which is so addictive that even non music lovers played it on the loop. Every time when there is a suspense in the show this song is played and you start to feel the suspense through your veins as blood. It was composed by David Arnold and Michael price for for the BBC original TV show Sherlock.

1. Money Heist:- 

So the first position in this list goes to the very famous and beautiful theme song of money heist "Bella ciao". Basically Bella ciao means goodbye beautiful which is is an Italian protest folk song that originated in the hardships of mondira women. There are many versions of this song all over the internet and you can easily choose one to play. It has two basic versions as Mondain version and Partisan version and the letter one reason for the Netflix original show Money Heist. It is one of the most addictive and beautiful foreign song, I have ever heard. The money Heist version of song was created by Manu pilas.


So this was a list of top 10 best theme songs for TV shows. We hope that you liked the article, if so please share and support us.We'll meet certainly with another top 10 gossip.

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