PUBG is officially banned in India now and as a hard core pubg fan I feel no other game can replace pubg ever but I hope anyhow the government will lift the ban up. Till then we all are finding alternatives to PUBG. So here we are discussing about top 10 pubg alternative games that you can easily play in your smartphone.

   Top 10 best PUBG alternatives

1. Call of duty mobile:- 

Call of duty mobile was launched in late 2019 in India and became very popular among the gamers. It's graphics are awesome and you can play in  first person shooter or third person shooter mode. You can play in a huge map with ammunition and zombie. Its for both IOS and Android for free. This game provides many gaming modes eg. war mode and arcade mode just like PUBG mobile. The game gives you wonderful graphics with smooth game play so this can be your best PUBG alternative.

2. Garena free fire:- 

It is very similar battle royale game like  pubg mobile available for both platforms Android as well as iOS for free. It includes huge maps, weapons and other fun stuff with a battle royale mode. This is highest downloaded mobile game in the world and you can opt it as a pubg alternative easily.

3. Black survival:- 

Before coming to the next member of this list, we first state that from now on these games does not match with pubg or free fire but still they are quite worthy to play.This is a point and click real time survival game which is available for both Android and IOS. It can be played with 10 players in battle royale mode and has 22 areas to explore.

4. Rules of survival:- 

It is a free to play multiplayer battle royale game similar to pubg mobile and has a maximum of 300 players to complete on a 8x8 kilometre map. Graphics are good and you can easily resemble it with pubg mobile. It has many weapons as well as craft to explore.

5. Mini militia:- 

We are including this game in this list because it is still popular game among gamers. it's a good game but not so addictive. You can play it online or offline with multiple modes and missions. It allows you to use various weapons boosters and other stuff. Even when pubg mobile was not banned, this game was still popular. you can call it a fly and shoot type game which is easy to play so go, enjoy with your buddies.

6. Infinity ops online FPS:- 

It is an action game having multiplayer facility with Si-Fi setting. The event of the game take place in a distant future when humanity has surpassed the limits of technological development. You can create your own clans or  join an existed one to enjoy with squad. It has fantastic 3D graphics and optimised for big devices with low technical characteristics.

7. Hopeless land fight for survival:- 

This is a survival mobile shooting game which can support 1 to 1 players fight in one battle survivor game at the same time.You can use various type of the guns, pistols and vehicles including helicopter and typical battles. It is designed for weaker devices and you can easily control it.

8. Modern ops online FPS gun games shooter:- 

This game has more than 30 modern guns, pistols and camos. you can choose your own shooting tactics for battle. you can join team battles against other players from all over the world to play gun games. You can create your clan and enjoy team matches in various location playing in a squad.

9. Knives out:- 

It is a good pubg mobile alternative and a first person action game which can be played with up to 100 online players on an island with weapons, vehicles and other stuff. It is based on a multiplayer battle royale format and requires 600 MB space in your smartphone.

10. Fortnight:- 

We are adding this game at the last place of this list because it is is a regular PC game not Android or iOS. Before pubg, it was the most popular game among the gamers. You can watch old YouTube or  twitch streames of fortnite for a close look. This is very similar to pubg mobile and but unfortunately you have to purchase a gaming laptop to play this game. If you are aware of PC games, this can be a great PUBG alternative for you.


So this was the list about top 10 PUBG alternatives which you can play after pubg ban in India. If you really enjoyed the list please share the content and let us know in comment section.

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